The levels of microplastics in our living environment are expected to increase in the next decades. To what extent the exposure to these plastic particles of varying shape, size and composition has immediate up to long term health implications is unclear.


  • Exposure assessment
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Innovation / Knowledge application

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Microplastics & Health

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19 mei 2020


29 september 2020,
14.00 uur

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Microplastics & Health Consortium Call (pdf) 262 KB

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The current call emphasises the need to further identify the hazards, supplemented with research on exposure assessment and risk assessment, and to explore avenues for innovation and policy to reduce the potential health effects of microplastics.


  • To integrate and continue successful breakthrough projects in one public-private consortium to facilitate sustainable multidisciplinary collaboration;
  • To extend current research towards risk assessment;
  • To create societal and economic impact, e.g. by contributing to the societal challenges in the Dutch Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023.

Wat kan worden aangevraagd?

The Consortium is funded by ZonMw and Health~Holland for a total investment of € 2.9M. The partners commitments are as follows:

  • ZonMw has committed € 1.4M over three years to support the Consortium;
  • Health~Holland intends to commit € 1.5M over three years to support the Consortium.


This call for proposals is on invitation. ZonMw invites the following applicants to submit an application on behalf of the consortium:  Prof. D. (Dick) Vethaak working at Deltares and VU and Prof. J. (Juliette) Legler, working at Utrecht University. The Consortium must be comprised of at least ten project leaders of the Microplastics & Health Breakthrough Projects and at least two for-profit enterprises.

The project has a maximum duration of 3 years.


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Wilt u indienen? De volledige subsidieoproep is te downloaden als pdf. Hierin staat alle specifieke informatie over deze oproep.

Microplastics & Health Consortium Call (pdf) 262 KB

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