JPND launches this joint transnational call with a view to promoting research aiming at the development of novel and the advanced use of existing cutting-edge imaging and brain stimulation technologies related to neurodegenerative diseases. The goal of the partners is to maximise the number of high quality transnational research projects that can be funded through this call.


  • Transnational research.
  • Focus on neurodegenerative diseases (one or several of following; SCA, SMA, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Prion, Motor neuron or Huntington disease)  
  • Imaging technologies, such as MRI, PET or super-resolution microscopy and molecular imaging techniques.
  • Brain stimulation techniques, such as DBS, TMS or tDCS.

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EU Joint Programme - Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND)

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7 januari 2020


3 maart 2020,
15.00 uur

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The aim of the call is to establish a number of ambitious, innovative, multi-disciplinary and multi-national collaborative research projects that will further advance the development and the use of imaging technologies and brain stimulation techniques in order to better understand, diagnose or treat neurodegenerative diseases. Technical progress on relevant techniques is eligible as long as the expected benefit for patients or for routine scientific and clinical applications is well defined. Thus, approaches must be translational and patient-centered. It is encouraged to integrate basic research and cost-effectiveness studies, where appropriate. They must be hypotheses-driven and combine cutting-edge technological developments with a clear, substantial research question.


Each proposal must involve a minimum of three and a maximum of six regular partners, including
the  coordinator, from  at  least  three  different  countries  participating  in  this  call. Whilst
proposals are to be submitted jointly by partners from different countries, individual regular partners will  be  funded  by  the corresponding funding  organization of their  country participating  in this call.

Eligible candidates

Research centres and University Medical Centers are eligible. Enterprises may also be eligible, but the funding rates for enterprises vary based on types of research and types of enterprises. Fundamental research is excluded from this call. See the country specific regulations.


The total made available for this call is about 18 million euros. The Netherlands makes 1 million available for Dutch researchers, with a maximum of €250.000 per partner. Joint transnational research proposals can be funded for a period of up to three years. Please look at the funding regulations per country.


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You have to submit your application via JPND website.

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Download all information (Add pdf online with full call document)

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Please contact us with any questions that are not covered in the FAQs. For general queries, please contact Marjolein Scholten.

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