FLAG-ERA gathers National and Regional Funding Organisations (NRFOs) in Europe and beyond with the goal of supporting, together with the European Commission, the FET Flagship initiatives, i.e., the Graphene Flagship and the Human Brain Project (HBP) Flagship. One of its main aims is to allow researchers to complement the current Flagship projects and to collaborate towards the achievement of their vision using existing or dedicated transnational, national and regional calls Note that researchers interested to work in the framework of the Flagships can also do so using other sources of funding in combination with the Flagship association mechanisms (Graphene Flagship, Human Brain Project).


  • Genotype-phenotype, brain function
  • Psychiatric Diseases
  • Diagnosis, therapeutic approaches, rarediseases nervous system

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European Research Area Network

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26 januari 2021


19 april 2021,
17.00 uur

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The Human Brain projects  should propose holistic approaches combining computer sciences and neurosciences to address at least one of the following aims:1.Studyinggenotype‐phenotype relationships related to Brain Function: Research projects aiming to establish the relationship between genetics and phenotype are essential to understand the causality relationship between identified mutations and brain dysfunction or functional compensation leading to resilience.. 2.Accelerating the diagnosis and the development of therapeutic approaches for rare diseases affecting the nervous system. 3.Tackling Psychiatric Diseases: Research projects developing diagnostic, patients stratification or treatment strategies for Psychiatric Diseases by combining diverse types of clinical data i.e. neuroimaging, molecular data, clinical records.
The projects falling within the scientific scope of this call for proposals are invited to consider using the following EBRAINS resources (https://ebrains.eu):


Each proposal must involve a minimum of three and a maximum of six regular partners, including
the  coordinator, from  at  least  three  different  countries  participating  in  this  call. Whilst
proposals are to be submitted jointly by partners from different countries, individual regular partners will  be  funded  by  the corresponding funding  organization of their  country participating  in this call.

Eligible candidates

The most recent ZonMw Grant Rules apply (see ZonMw Grant Termes and conditions). Researchers who are employed at Dutch universities or NWO- and KNAW-institutes or Academic Medical Centres may apply for funding and participate in a consortium as main applicant or as co-applicant. Enterprises are not eligible.

An applicant may be involved in up to two proposals, of which only one as main applicant.
Please also check our data management protocol: https://www.zonmw.nl/en/research-and-results/open-science-fair-data/ See the country specific regulations.


The total made available for this call is about 10 million euros. The Netherlands (Hersenstichting en ZonMw) makes €300.000 available for Dutch researchers, with a maximum of €250.000 per partner. Joint transnational research proposals can be funded for a period of up to three years. Please look at the funding regulations per country.


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You have to submit your application via FLAG-ERA website.

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Wilt u indienen? De volledige subsidieoproep is te downloaden als pdf. Hierin staat alle specifieke informatie over deze oproep.

Call Accouncement (pdf) 575 KB

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