ZonMw and the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) as partners in the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) give cardiovascular (healthcare) professionals and researchers the opportunity to create a national infrastructure for cardiovascular registry-based research. This call focuses on the pharmacotherapeutic treatment of heart failure patients.


  • Registry-based research
  • Heart failure
  • Pharmacotherapy

Onderdeel van programma

Goed Gebruik Geneesmiddelen 2020 - 2023

Geplaatst op

15 februari 2021


18 mei 2021,
14.00 uur

Purpose of call

    The aim of the call is:

  1. to create a national infrastructure for cardiovascular registry-based research, focused on heart failure. This infrastructure includes a framework for the governance, and the ethical, legal, financial and methodological factors. It builds upon the national heart failure registry and links with other relevant registries and data sources.
  2. to have a proof of concept of the infrastructure by conducting:
  • observational, longitudinal research on the whole spectrum of heart failure patients  
  • prospective interventional research on pharmacotherapeutic treatment in chronic heart failure patients, with a focus on multimorbid elderly patients with severe heart failure.

Sums available

A total budget of  €2.6 million is available. The main focus of a proposal is creating sustainable infrastructure for cardiovascular registry-based research in the Netherlands. The proposal also includes research projects aimed at better pharmacotherapeutic treatment of heart failure patients:

  • a project for acquiring national data on the profile of heart failure patients, the status quo of heart failure treatment and guideline adherence.
  • a registry-based randomized clinical trial (or trials) aimed at better pharmacotherapeutic treatment of heart failure patients with multi morbidities.


Who can apply?

A research proposal can be submitted by a Dutch research organisation or by a Dutch healthcare institution where research expertise is available.

Are you involved in cardiovascular registry-based research or do you have research expertise in the treatment of heart failure? And would you like to join the new consortium? Look at the brochure and contact the initiators Dennis van Veghel: dennis.van.veghel@nederlandsehartregistratie.nl or Folkert Asselbergs: f.w.asselbergs@umcutrecht.nl.

Submit application

The Dutch Heart Foundation is the coordinating organisation for this grant on behalf of ZonMw and DCVA. The proposal should be submitted via research@hartstichting.nl and needs to be written in English. All detailed information about this call you can find at the website of the Dutch Heart Foundation.

Website Dutch Heart Foundation


Please contact Mira Staphorst (Dutch Heart Foundation) or Mariëlle van Avendonk (ZonMw) for queries about the call. If you have any technical questions about the submission of project proposal please contact the Dutch Heart Foundation.

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