This is a call for submission of project ideas addressing the reduction of the antibiotic resistance burden. Reuse of existing data, improvement of the quality and sustainability of this data, implementation and impact and implementation failure are part of this call.


Research within the following research areas is eligible for funding in this round:

  1. Studies on how to prevent the acquisition and / or transmission of antibacterial resistant bacteria, or ABR genes in different environments according to One Health e.g., patients, hospitals, farms, nature, etc.
  2. Studies that support appropriate (use of) diagnostics.
  3. Studies that support new or improved applications for antibiotics and alternatives to antibiotics.
  4. Studies on optimising dosage and prudent use of antibiotics.

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Antibiotic Resistance (ABR)

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25 juni 2019


10 september 2019,
14.00 uur

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Wilt u indienen? De volledige subsidieoproep kunt u via onderstaande link bekijken. Hierin staat alle specifieke informatie over deze oproep.

‘Tackling antibiotic resistance by reusing data and increasing FAIRness’ (pdf) 813 KB


Results of research within this call should aim to have considerable impact on lowering the burden of antibiotic resistance. Where applicable, it is mandatory to reserve time and budget for the following:

  1. Improving the level of FAIRness of your existing database by complying with the FAIR principles;
  2. Mapping the dataset into internationally accepted standards, such as SNOMED CT, LOINC and/or the G-standard, including the items for AMR as specified in the ‘Nederlandse labcodeset’.
  3. Applying the ‘Biobanking data dictionary for bacteria’ of the Swiss Biobanking Platform to your biological samples, as far as possible.

Eligible candidates

This call is open to research organisations and other entities registered in the Netherlands that address ABR issues or research on a non-commercial basis. More specifically, all organisations which have research project ideas addressing any of the One Health aspects of lowering the ABR burden are eligible. We welcome research institutes, hospitals and other care centres, veterinary practices, environmental organisations, etc.

Organisations receiving a grant through this call, will be entrusted with a Service of General Economic Interest (SGEI).

Purpose of call

The main goal of this call is to get a better grip on tackling the ABR burden.

In this call we will focus on reuse of existing data(bases). Reusing databases and collections and improving their Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability (data FAIRness) will contribute to the sustainability of valuable resources. We also seek development or improvement of existing implementation strategies to lower the ABR burden. And we seek projects that make thorough analysis into the failure of implementation, provide answers to complex questions and evidence-based insights into determinants for implementation success. Behavioural aspects are a vital element for this success.

Additional information is available at the beginning of August with a videoregistration and PowerPoint presentations of the information session on July 17th.

Sums available

Note: If you have problems with the budget form, please consult for more information.

The total sum available in this third and final round of the programme Antibiotic Resistance is 1,9 million euro.

A maximum of 250.000 euro per project is available. Projects are bound to start in 2020 and should last for a maximum of 3 years for the more complex studies. We also encourage shorter and smaller projects.

Submit application

You may submit your application via ProjectNet until 10 September 2019, 14:00 hours CET.

Download all information

The call text can be downloaded as a pdf and contains all detailed information about this call.

‘Tackling antibiotic resistance by reusing data and increasing FAIRness’ (pdf) 813 KB

Submit application


Please contact us with any questions that are not covered in the FAQs. For general queries, please contact Linda van Gaalen or Yara ten Pas. If you have any technical questions about ProjectNet please contact the service desk.

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