The ERA-Net ERACoSysMed "Collaboration on systems medicine funding to promote the implementation of systems biology approaches in clinical research and medical practice" started in January 2015 as the first ERA-Net on Systems Medicine under the EU Framework Programme Horizon2020. The ERACoSysMed funding partners launch the third joint transnational call (JTC-3) for funding multilateral research projects on Systems Medicine.

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1 februari 2019


15 maart 2019,
13.00 uur

Applications can be submitted through the online submission system on the ERACoSysMed website.
National requirements for Dutch applicants are written in the National Annex on page 20/21 of the call for proposals.

Aanvraag indienen

Pre-proposals must be submitted by the co-ordinator in electronic format no later than 13.00h C.E.T. on March 15, 2019 via the electronic submission system on the European website of ERACoSysMed. No other means of submission will be accepted.

The full version of the call, is available at the European website.

For country specific information please consult the ZonMw general conditions and finances.

Doel subsidieoproep

ERACoSysMed is an international program. All information about the call, aim, criteria, budget, project duration, who can apply and how, can be found on the European website.

Wat kan worden aangevraagd?

The aim of the call is to fund research projects that validate existing predictive computational models using biomedical data to expand the knowledge about human diseases and their treatment.
Project proposals must focus on the analysis, interpretation and application of different biological and clinical data by appropriate computational models. Projects have to demonstrate the practical relevance of computational models for medical routine and their benefit for individual patients. As an example, the knowledge gained may help to enable drug repurposing across different diseases. Projects must focus on one of two approaches that are described in the call under Aim of the call.


Who can apply?

Each consortium submitting a proposal must involve a minimum of three and a maximum of five eligible partners from at least three different countries participating in the call. For reasons of transnational balance, no more than two eligible partners from the same country are allowed to join each consortium. External collaborators, i.e. groups from countries that are not participating in this call, or research groups from countries that are partners in this joint transnational call but do not ask for funding, may participate in projects. The maximum number of external collaborators per consortium is two. Each consortium must include at least one clinical group and a computational modelling group.
Consortia including partners from Slovakia may increase the maximum number of eligible partners to eight (five eligible partners + two external collaborators + an additional partner from Slovakia).


In this call ZonMw aims to fund the Dutch partner(s) of two research projects. In total a budget of k€ 450 is available for Dutch partners. Per project, maximally k€ 225 can be applied for.


More information on the call for proposals ‘3rd Joint Transnational Call for European Research Projects on Systems Medicine’, and the full version of the call, is available at the European website ERACoSysMed:

For questions contact the national contact persons: Rob Diemel, Simone de Graaf en Anne Boeter. Dutch applicants must contact the national contact person before submitting a proposal.

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