Advances in technology enable increasing amounts of data collection on individuals for biomedical research. Such technologies, e.g. in genetics and medical imaging, have also led to important scientific discoveries about health and disease. The combination of multiple high-throughput data, however, was impractical since the analytical and logistic resources were not capable of meeting the requirements. In our previous JPND Working Group, called HD-READY, we developed methods that allowed success combination of omics data with neuroimaging. Still, several issues remained in order to fully leverage high-dimensional multi-modal data. For instance, highdimensional features, such as voxels and vertices which are common in neuroimaging, remain difficult to harmonize. In this Full-HD Working Group, we focused on such harmonization of highdimensional neuroimaging phenotypes in combination with other omics data, and how to make the resulting ultra-high-dimensional data easily accessible in neurodegeneration research.

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