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People enter the workforce later in life, live longer, and seniors in growing numbers wish to contribute professionally to society for the second half of their life. As lifetime increases, there is also a growing need for seniors to stay longer active in work life, whilst keeping their skills up to date and using their lifelong domain expertise and network.


Smart senior entrepreneurship has a goal to ?mobilise, facilitate and enable older adults into entrepreneurship?. Through cooperation with the startup system which need the brain power, and involvement in their own or other young companies, we aim to encourage a flexible healthy ageing by utilising senior resources in entrepreneurship.


?Our project will develop a proof of concept for a digital solution for matchmaking of senior competence to the needs of start-ups, in cooperation with relevant business and end-user stakeholders from 4 European countries?.


The overall aim is to create awareness of senior core values, competence, skills and passion and how to transform these into sustainable business ideas by offering seniors a low threshold and motivate, facilitate and strengthen senior entrepreneurship.

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