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Physical activity is known to improve many of the factors associated with ageing and helps older adults to maintain their well-being, functional ability and independence. However, maintaining an active lifestyle or recovering from injury/illness is a challenge, especially for the elderly, motivation is a key factor. SALSA supplies a smart, app-based-solution that optionally includes (body) sensors to support physiotherapy and all aspects of starting and maintaining an active lifestyle for older adults – age 55+ (primary target group) – with or without the supervision of a physiotherapist (secondary target group). Sport clubs, gyms and institutions who want to promote an active lifestyle in their local communities (secondary end-users) and insurance companies (tertiary end-users) were identified as important stakeholders. In order to design the necessary functionalities, the different end-user groups are involved throughout the project. This co-design focuses on usability and user experience, as well as service and business model design. More specifically, primary, secondary and tertiary end-users are involved in four stages: 1) service model design, 2) prototype development 3) business model development 4) evaluation of the SALSA solution.


SALSA specifically targets at seniors in terms of design, functionality and content underpinned by gamification elements which boost motivation and adherence

SALSA offers comprehensive social community and scheduling functions, which increase motivation, connection and community building.

SALSA offers content that appeals to users of all fitness levels which ensures personalisation and adaptability.

SALSA integrates body sensors that allow an in-depth evaluation of movements for feedback used in video exercises and exergames.

SALSA offers special functionalities for therapeutic use that deliver more information about the client’s state, which leads to an increase of quality of treatment.

SALSA offers clinically evidenced games/exercises and successful solutions.


YOU will lead the task of bringing the solution to the market in close collaboration with MIRA and LFTL. MIRA is an experienced SME specialised in user-centric tele-rehabilitation, targeting physical rehabilitation by using exergames in interaction with movement sensors. YOU is a promising start-up, which has recently gained Die Elisabethinen, an acknowledged medical centre in Austria as strong partner who wants to bring their solution to all centres in Upper Austria. LFTL has over 20 year long experience in development and sales of software and hardware products for people with special needs.


Initially focus of sales involve 4 key territories as NL (supported by RRD and NFE), AUT (supported by YOU, LFTL, NET), and CH (supported by TERZ) as these are the pilot countries and RO, which is supported by MIRA, which already has a good market position. Accordingly, the northern countries are approached as the acceptance for fitness apps within a sports enthusiastic society provide a better adoption of SALSA, as it offers a unique value/selling proposition compared to competitive products and services. Furthermore, Switzerland is one of the most economically attractive countries for seniors in Europe with highest spending power among elderly, so the market rollout supported by TerzStiftung is a crucial part of the business-model development.


To achieve the dissemination objectives of the project, a special dissemination strategy is followed: 1) Dissemination of project results at national and international level: Conferences in the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, AAL and digital health are attended to promote SALSA. SALSA is disseminated through the national AAL associations, the associations of physiotherapists, social insurance companies, health insurance companies and regional health services. The physiotherapists involved in SALSA play a key role in actively disseminating the solution in their therapeutic networks and communities. A dynamic exchange with similar projects and initiatives from EU programmes is promoted. Links with political organisations are established and maximise the impact of SALSA. 2) Project website and materials: A website in the languages of all project partners is created and presented in appropriate forums. Furthermore, a project brochure, handouts and press releases in different new media are planned. 3) Social media: SALSA is presented on social media like Twitter and through existing channels of project partners like Facebook. Moreover, SALSA is continuously reported on via testimonials and influencers on the website and via social media.

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