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RESILIEN-T aims to deploy in the market an innovative modular ICT solution for self-management of Cognitive Impairment, to reinforce the self-monitoring ability of people with a diagnosis, with the aim of slowing the progression of the disease. Our ICT solution will leverage the most up-do-date scientific evidence to empower PwCI to live an active and meaningful life, maintain independence in daily activities and live safely at home, with dignity and satisfaction during the course of the illness. The RESILIEN-T solution will cover multiple domains of preventive measures: nutritional guidance; physical exercise promotion; cognitive practice; social activity and positive care planning. Specific objectives identified by the project are: 1. To develop an open, modular, adaptable platform to provide self-management and coaching services to PwCI, integrating informal and professional caregivers as necessary, to be used either autonomously or in conjunction with on market systems for lifestyle monitoring or wearable devices (WP1. Platform architecture and integration); 2. To develop evidence-based applications (apps) to support self-management by PwCI, covering the areas of nutrition, physical social and cognitive activities (WP2. Evidence-Based Applications); 3. To field test the new integrated ICT solution over 12 months with 150 PwCI and 150 caregivers in Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada (WP3. Field Trial). 4. To put in place an effective dissemination strategy for the project outcomes and a detailed commercialization strategy, which will bring the final ICT solution to the market within 24 months after the project completion (WP4. Dissemination and exploitation).

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