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Hoe kijken Nederlanders aan tegen de potentiële technologieën die kunnen helpen om Covid-19 te managen? Hoe kunnen meningen over privacy en transparantie uit andere landen worden gebruikt om een veilige en efficiënte app in Nederland mogelijk te maken?

Ons onderzoek zal laten zien welke voorkeuren en meningen men in Nederland heeft over de adoptie van Covid-19-apps. Er zijn aanwijzingen dat burgers in Zuid-Korea acties om de volksgezondheid te bevorderen, meer accepteren en meer openstaan voor toezicht. Dit heeft de snelle implementatie van dergelijke mobiele apps mogelijk gemaakt. We verwachten dat die bestaande technologieën evenals ervaringen uit Canada nuttig zullen zijn als basis voor ons onderzoek. Daarnaast zullen die inzichten nuttig zijn om te bespreken hoe een Covid-19-app in Nederland verantwoord en op de markt gebracht kan worden. Het project omvat een enquête en discussies onder belanghebbenden.


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We studied the pre-conditions for track and trace apps like Coronamelder with a survey in the Netherlands and solicited expert feedback with experts from The Netherlands, South Korea and Canada.

We found that people’s privacy concerns matter more than tech savviness, demographics or corona beliefs – they are the most important predictor of disinterest in the app. From previous research and suggested in this study, we know that people are unwilling to give up privacy without gaining something. That could be possible with new features. Opportunities for policymakers and app developers:

1. Cultivate debatable fact-based narrative that ensures balanced discussion of risks and opportunities.

2. Better integrate the app in the pandemic response strategy as a tool to perform a specific function for helping open society.

3. Cultural reckoning: What is necessary for people to see themselves as partners with institutions in a collective effort against the common COVID enemy?


Samenvatting van de aanvraag

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RESEARCH QUESTION: How does the Dutch public perceive the privacy and efficacy of potential technologies used for managing Covid-19? How can culturally embedded views on privacy and transparency from other countries be leveraged to enable a secure and efficient app in the Netherlands? How do experts consider the results of the survey in regards to implementation in the app?


URGENCY: The Dutch government has installed a task force working on understanding technical requirements and citizen attitudes regarding Covid-19 apps. Tracking is important to prevent or manage a second wave of infections. This project aims to contribute detailed insights in just over 4 months.


HYPOTHESIS: Our study will reveal preferences and opinions about the adoption of apps in the Netherlands. Evidence suggests that citizens in South Korea are more accepting of actions taken to promote public health and more open to surveillance, which has allowed for the rapid implementation of mobile apps. We expect their existing technologies, as well as experiences from Canada, to be useful in providing the basis for our survey and for discussing how to explain and market a Covid-19 app in the Netherlands.


ACTION PLAN: The project has three work packages (WPs):

1) Design a feature-specific survey and administer it with a representative sample of the Dutch public.

2) Gather expert feedback on survey results and implications for implementation by means of an expert Delphi discussion. Experts will include policymakers, software developers, privacy and legal experts and healthcare workers.

3) Host interactive expert session to discuss results of WPs 1&2. Summarize results and provide recommendations based on the first two work packages into final report. Share images and clips of data on social media with a link to the final report.


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