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‘Ruimte voor gezondheid’, joining forces to share knowledge on an environmentally orientated approach within Brainport Smart District, the healthy neighborhood of the future.

Brainport Smart District is a new district of the city of Helmond that is currently being developed. This neighborhood wants to become a living lab for the healthy environment, by integrating spatial, social and technological interventions. The aim is to develop systematic solutions that favor the functioning of the residential area and address and tackle social challenges in an integrated manner. The goal is to take great leaps forward, towards a new way of sustainable development. The neighborhood has to become an example for future smart and healthy living solutions, in which participation, self-help, and self-directed management are preconditions.

The intended approach is to start from the beginning of the project with an integrated approach in which the social, digital and spatial domain come together. The neighborhood will be set up as a Living Lab in such a way that the effects of the implemented innovations on people’s health can be immediately tested in practice. This approach should ensure that the neighborhood develops into a sustainable, social and attractive neighborhood in which people experience a better physical and mental health than in neighborhoods elsewhere.

What is needed to achieve this goal and how can it be ensured in advance that facilities and spatial, social and technological innovations that are introduced in this neighborhood also meet the needs of future residents? And how can we ensure that these implementations are accepted? We want to investigate this by setting up a varied local/regional partnership that, together with representatives from the various target groups of potential future residents of the neighborhood, using the various data sources and meetings (consortium meetings, inspiration tables, knowledge tables, etc.), develops the knowledge agenda for the development of the smart healthy neighborhood and translates it into concrete projects and experiments that will be carried out in the neighborhood.


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