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MEETINGDEM aims to implement and evaluate an innovative and inclusive approach to supporting community dwelling people with mild to moderately severe dementia and their family carers, called the Meeting Centres Support Programme (MCSP), in three EU countries: Italy, Poland and United King-dom. This evidence-based, person-centred, approach has been positively evaluated, and implemen-ted in 90 meeting centers in the Netherlands, and is now well-placed to be trialled and implemented in other EU countries. Demonstrated benefits include high levels of user satisfaction, reduced behaviou-ral and mood problems, delayed admission to residential care, lower levels of caregiving-related stress, higher carer competence, and improved collaboration between care and welfare organizations.

Project partners in the three countries will utilise strategies and tools developed in the Netherlands and adapt them to country-specific requirements, establish a group of appropriate organizational collaborators in each country, develop an implementation plan and toolkit, implement MCSP, and eva-luate the programme in a controlled trial in terms of its impact on the behaviour, mood and quality of life of people with dementia and carers, its cost effectiveness as a result of changes in use of other (more expensive) services, such as hospitals and residential care, and psychotropic medications. An overall evaluation will draw together findings from the three implementation countries to develop recommendations for successful implementation of the MCSP across the EU and beyond.

The project will be carried out over a 36 month period. In Phase One (M1-18) activities will focus on establishing an initiative group of relevant organizations and user representatives in each country, exploring pathways to care and potential facilitators and barriers to implementing the programme, and developing country and context-specific implementation plans and materials. In Phase Two (M19-36) training will be provided to organizations and staff, after which the meeting centres will be established and evaluated for impact, cost-effectiveness, user satisfaction and implementation process.


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