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Titel: Intensive Lifestyle Intervention in General Practice to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes among 18 to 60-Year-Old South Asians: 1-Year Effects on the Weight Status and Metabolic Profile of Participants in a Randomized Controlled Trial
Auteur(s): Wanda M. Admiraal, Everlina M. Vlaar, Vera Nierkens, Frits Holleman, Barend J. C. Middelkoop, Karien Stronks, and Irene G. M. van Valkengoed
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Titel: Screening South Asians for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes: (1) comparing oral glucose tolerance and haemoglobin A1c test results and (2) comparing the two sets of metabolic profiles of individuals diagnosed with these two tests
Auteur(s): Everlina MA Vlaar, Wanda M Admiraal, Wim B Busschers, Frits Holleman, Vera Nierkens, Barend JC Middelkoop, Karien Stronks and Irene GM van Valkengoed
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Titel: Feasibility and effectiveness of a targeted diabetes prevention program for 18 to 60-year-old South Asian migrants: design and methods of the DH!AAN study
Auteur(s): Everlina MA Vlaar, Irene GM van Valkengoed, Vera Nierkens, Mary Nicolaou, Barend JC Middelkoop, and Karien Stronks
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