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In Europe and North America preventive health programs are less adhered to by immigrants than by the indigenous populations. In the Netherlands immigrants comprise an increasing part of the population. The aim of this study is to contribute to a more ethnicity sensitive approach to the prevention of health hazards related to heart and lungs, in particular hypertension and asthma by exploring the perceptions and secondary and tertiary health behaviour amongst five ethnic groups in the Academic population of AMC (Hindustani Surinamese, Creole Surinamese, Turks, Moroccans and Dutch) by means of observation and 150 semi-structured interviews. For the interviews a "purposeful" sample of people in five ethnic groups with hypertension and asthma will be selected from the open population, g.p. registers and hospital registers. The findings will be analyzed with a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. The findings will be mirrored with the opinions of care providers about the aptness to people in these ethnic groups to comply with preventive regimens in three focus groups. The end report of this study and the recommendations will be discussed a series of invitational meetings with representatives of the various ethnic groups participating in the

study and relevant care providers.

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