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'Parents to be' is a project that evaluates routine preconception advice and counselling given to

couples before pregnancy (PAC), initiated and given by their own general practitioner (GP) in order to

prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes. The couples' personal situation is evaluated with respect to

risk factors for the pregnancy and the unborn child. Questions are asked about the couples' medical

history, medication, lifestyle (smoking, alcohol consumption and nutritional habits) as well as about

hereditary and congenital disorders in the family. If specific risk factors are found the couple receives

information about these personal risk factors along with information on general risk factors for

pregnancy. The GP offers general and specific health education and refers to a specialist if genetic

counselling is needed. The current stage of the project is to study the effect of routine PAC on health

behaviour, risk perception, frequency of risk factors in the general population and process evaluation

of routine PAC.

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