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Because the prevalence of inactivity in the elderly is very high and because there is lack of knowledge regarding the effects of specific physical activity training programs in the elderly, this controlled (=240) trial will evaluate the effects of an individualised (given in groups to elderly males and females living in homes for the aged) physical fitness training on 1) physical fitness, 2) functional ability, 3) experienced health, 4) quality of life, 5) social networks, 6) obstipation and related disorders, and 7) the amount of daily physical activity. Furthermore this study will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of this physical fitness training program. The physical fitness training will be given over a period of 6 months, on location by a specialised physiotherapist & a sport trainer and includes 2 times 45 minutes 'graded' exercise per week. If the intervention is successful instruction protocols and promotion materials will be produced to facilitate country wide implementation of this intervention.

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