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Each year in the Netherlands about190.000 medically treated accidents happen among the elderly (65+) including 1.800 fatal accidents. The yearly costs for health care is 1.000 million Dutch guilders. High priority is given (inter)nationally to evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions to reduce accidents among the elderly. From October 1999 to January 2002 a controlled trial evaluation of the execution of a multi-method intervention and its effectiveness is planned. The effectiveness is defined as the reduction in the number of persons (65+) involved in any (non) medically treated accident.

The intervention is prepared and will be carried out by private and public organisations in health and welfare in the city of Sneek. Also the elderly themselves are involved in all phases of the project. The intervention includes different relevant modules (education, mobility training, medication evaluation, environmental adaptations, providing aids and home care) which are tailored towards persons at risk.

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