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New clinical events after Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) occur in about 35% of all patients during the first 18 months after angioplasty. Because of this high incidence, prevention of such a new coronary event remains a major challenge. Previous studies have demonstrated that the personality factors ‘Vital Exhaustion’ (VE) and ‘Hostility’ (Ho) increase the risk of a new coronary event after PTCA. Patients who are both hostile and exhausted after PTCA have a fourfold risk of a new cardiac event. A feasibility study showed that an intervention on these factors produced 1) a significant decrease of VE; and 2) a reduction of the risk for a new cardiac event by about 50%.

In a randomised clinical trial (N= 2 x 335) the hypotheses will be tested that an intervention program, directed at reducing exhaustion and hostility decreases 1) the risk of a new cardiac event, and 2) feelings of exhaustion, major depression and hostility.

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