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Unipolar Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a highly prevalent disease associated with pervasive human misery and enormous societal cost. To illustrate, MDD is identified in 1990 as the fourth-ranked cause of disability and premature death worldwide. Recently, the field has started to recognize the natural tendency in MDD patients for chronicity and episode recurence. It is precisely the recurrent nature that leads to sustained incapacity to work and subsequent chronicity. As a consequence, the prevention of relapse, recurrence and chronicity constitutes a priority target in the treatment of depression. The present proposal tests the cost-effectiveness of a 6 session, 8 week group prevention program using Cognitive Therapy techniques. CT is the most researched effective time-limited approach to treating depressions. Specifically, the protocol targets underlying cognitive vulnerability factors, i.e., depressogenic schemata, while the individual is a-symptomatic and therefore optimally capable of corrective information processing.

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