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The MyLifeMyWay project offers elderly people the opportunity to age with autonomy and dignity and realizes savings for the social and care systems in EU countries. MyLifeMyWay will provide a Personal Virtual Assistant that is an easy-to-use, natural connection to any hybrid supportive AAL technology. For the end users the PA is a human-looking avatar on their TV , tablet or smart phone with speech recognition and - synthesis. It is like a modern version of a butler: someone that knows you well, serves you decently in the background if possible and comes into the foreground if needed.


Target groups are elderly people who are yet fit, have minor impairments or advanced physical handicaps. Informal caregivers benefit from diminished physical and mental stress.


MyLifeMyWay will bring innovations that are valuable for elderly. The speech recognition of the already available prototype will be enhanced to support for dialects and speech impediments. Local A.I's will be combined into a cloud based A.I. that will be the 'meta brain'. State of the art technology stacks will be employed such as HTML5 and Javascript (with current state of the art frameworks) for the frontend. Modular architecture and technology will ensure its future scalability and usability. Next to HTML5, C++ is used as main language. A novel bus system will allow to simply connect to home automation hardware. Industry standard SDK's and API's will avoid pitfalls regularly encountered in larger ICT projects.


The preliminary CANVAS business model distinguishes market opportunities on the institutional (B2B) and consumer market. The consortium combines the resources and channels required to further develop the market potential of the PA. Primary end users will be involved in pilot trials installed permanently in their homes. Their experiences, needs and preferences will be evaluated periodically and feed back into development. Secondary and tertiary end users are involved as partners in the consortium.


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