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The project aims to co-create a novel collaborative economy initiative, which both assists and activates the elderly population. We want to mimic the situations where a friend or neighbour does you a favour. However, to extend beyond friends and neighbours, we will be giving elderly without a local support network the chance to receive help from other senior citizens. We will build a senior-to-senior platform that can enable a task force of helpers to assist other less resourceful with help in and around their homes.

To make the platform economically sustainable, we build our business model on a novel business concept, a gift card relaying model. We use the concept of passing on a baton in a relay race. We call the model Gift-to-Gift (GtG). With this model, we leverage the growing market for gift cards as a means to generate the revenue needed to run the associated services. At the same time, the helping citizen gets a token of appreciation in return, and the concept uniquely combines intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

The GtG project will develop this novel senior-to-senior civic citizenship-based service through the assessment of user and market needs, co-creation of a helper-user interface in workshops and small pilots, and ICT research and prototyping. The co-creation will take place with user-groups in Denmark, Netherlands and Portugal and brought to market by cross-border partnerships. The potential is thus a born European social business innovation, which both assists and activates the elderly population as well as increase elderly participation in the booming collaborative economy.

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