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Based on the involvement of over 1,500 end-users during the Small Collaborative Project CARA-I (started December 2018), we learned that car mobility is very important for seniors’ freedom and independency. We aim to keep safe driving accessible for seniors, which should help them maintain their self-reliance and their active lifestyle, as well as relieve their caregivers. Seniors’ interest is certainly there: articles on car mobility we shared via seniors organisations’ newsletters were read 10 times as often as the average article, even as our research revealed that seniors often overestimate their driving skills.

CARA-II will develop several products under the CARA Platform umbrella (see picture). Our products bring the following values to seniors: keep driving safely, keep a low insurance premium and even save fuel. And above all: keep driving comfortably.

It’s necessary to make seniors aware of their actual driving behaviour before supporting them with products. Our first version of our ‘CARA Selftest’ resulted in higher awareness and raised interest in our prototyped products. CARA Platform includes information about driving, a Selftest and, at the end of CARA-II, a website for requesting services: CARA MyCoach gives driving feedback and CARA MyRoad enables personalised safe navigation.

SD-Insights is the main commercialisation leader. To get to our ‘beachhead market’ we have 3 primary end-user organisations in the consortium. All partners take care of a crucial part of the business model (BM). This is needed for a feasible and scalable business model. Many BM assumptions have already been tested in a structured approach.

The CARA-II Consortium will continue to keep in close contact and test together with our end-users – from day one! Over 500 end-users already signed up for further testing. CARA-II follows an iterative design approach, with four test iterations over an 18-month period. Each development step includes 4 topics: business model, technology, marketing and UX research. CARA-II will:

1. significantly increase end-user involvement by employing our three on-board end-user organisations, to execute large-scale field tests;

2. move from the BM to a fully validated integral business plan and deals;

3. develop advanced technology supporting senior mobility at TRL-8.

Our website was transformed from a project website to a ‘test site’ for our assumptions, involving more information about the pretotype product. CARA-II focuses on seniors who are somewhat open for feedback and for whom driving is really important.

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