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SENIOR-TV aims to provide a TV-based platform to run third-party applications, with social, medical and entertainment purposes, which may be combined with other equipment such as smartphones and tablets. Specifically, it aims at designing and implementing a multichannel intelligent platform for offering formal and informal caregiving services to older adults that live at their own homes, with special attention being paid at active prevention, and fostering a high-quality, long, and healthy life.

In order to achieve that the project will operate in the following fields: Maintenance of heath and functional ability of older adults, Increasing social awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for people at risk, Improving safety at home, Avoiding social isolation, Supporting caregivers, such as families and managed care organizations, Rising efficiency and productivity in health care and care of older adults. The project also will be structured in such as way that end-users are the drivers, and they express their wishes and needs for the platform. SENIOR TV will be distributed with a set of built-in applications that will render the product functional out-of-the-box.


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