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This project will develop, test and validate a training and coaching system that addresses the specific

deficiencies of older adults with dementia and frailty. The overall goal of this project is bringing to-gether technologies and services in an integrated fashion to serve the population of frail elderly per-sons with dementia even better. CO-TRAIN will be based on successful services and will be constant-ly improved by physiotherapy experts who will adapt the system to the stage-specific needs of per-sons with dementia. The first sub-goal of CO-TRAIN is to establish a method for helping this target group to preserve,gain or re-gain some degree of mobility and social inclusion. The second sub-goal is to reduce caregiver burden by relieving some strain and time pressure and by increasing pleasura-ble experiences together.


The CO-TRAIN system will be designed to maximise both the impact on health and the social impact

in terms of social inclusion. CO-TRAIN clearly differentiates from commercial fitness-apps which tar-get physical performance in healthy adults. In contrast, CO-TRAIN will account for the needs of peo-ple with dementia and frailty and also address social aspects. It will be integrated into existing ser-vices supporting their impact. COTRAINcan be used by professionals (e.g. care teams, trainers) as an evidence-based training tool.


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