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Mobility is a basic human need. Securing the safety of ageing drivers must be a concern of society. Despite of the consequences of ageing, most people still like to drive - many also because they have hardly any alternatives.

The main topic of CuARdian Angel is car mobility within an ageing population. CuARdian Angel is a small collaborative project within the AAL programme which aims at the objectives:

A. Societal objectives (long term)

A1 To allow ageing car users to maintain mobile for a longer period of time, under safer conditions, by using personalised Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

A2 To provide stakeholders with a measurable basis to identify safe and unsafe behaviour,

which can be used for different target groups.

B Project objectives (project duration)

B1 To gain insight in ageing car user’s interests in the use of personalised ADAS with the purpose of driver training and monitoring.

B2 To develop user interface concepts which focus on ageing car users.

B3 To identify a feasible and realistic business model around services for senior drivers.

B4 To prepare the introduction of a driver feedback and monitoring system allowing ageing car users to learn and maintain safe driving behaviour, within the limitations of their skill set.

B5 To identify and potentially validate the benefits of the use of personalised ADAS in an ageing population for end-user organisations.


CuARdian Angel proposes to gain insight on ageing drivers’ attitudes and expectations in relation to the use of state-of-the-art technology. Both online surveys as well as face-to-face interviews are planned with the ageing persons to gain this knowledge. Furthermore, relevant stakeholders from the private and public sector are contacted and interviewed.

The technology that we use in CuARdian Angel is used in autonomous vehicles. It is non-intrusive and used to measure and monitor the driving style. This data is analysed and used to give concrete advice to the drivers, focussing on maintaining or improving safe driving behaviour. The technology, analysis methods and driver feedback system has already proven its worth for professional drivers and companies relying heavily on transport and mobility. With CuARdian Angel, we strive to look for integrated solutions to introduce such tools to the ageing mobile population.

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