Xandra van der Eijk (NL)
In collaboration with: Wageningen Marine Research - Wageningen University & Research
Seasynthesis shows an alternate view on life below the waves of the North Sea. Marine life mechanisms that visualize surroundings by sound and vibration are juxtaposed with human sensory abilities through data transformation. This results in a sensory installation based on sound and vibration, enabling man to transpose himself in the life aquatic. As anthropogenic sound in the sea is increasingly of concern, the project raises awareness and hopes to inspire new ways of conveying the North Sea realm.

First, the jury was impressed with the quality of this collaboration, in which it was clear that understanding, mutual respect had formed. Xandra demonstrated an unwavering passion for her topic, which is in line with its urgency, that of our collective impact on the seas. To this she adds an inspirational willingness to bring to an audience the world of unknown or under-appreciated sounds of the sea. We hope, as she does, that the sensorial experience this project delivers might help us develop better inter-species empathy.

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