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Over the past decades, several successful approaches have been found to enhance medication adherence. These do not easily find their way to regular care. The fourth STIP call of ZonMw's Good Use of Medicines program is aimed at using successful approaches to medication adherence promotion in outpatient care. To this end, 4-8 pilot projects will be financed in 2019. A knowledge consortium guides them in the use of interventions, evaluates them, develops instruments and supports further dissemination. The knowledge consortium will be established on July 1, 2019. This proposal describes this consortium.


Knowledge consortium

The Make-It consortium is a collaboration between researchers and healthcare providers who have been working together on medication adherence for many years. It is multidisciplinary and includes expertise in pharmacy, medicine, behavioral sciences, healthcare research, communication sciences and nursing. The team is supplemented with the chair of a patient panel that will be set up.


Living labs

We propose that the pilot projects work according to the principles of a living lab. This is a clearly defined, real-life setting where different parties work together on an innovative solution. A real-life environment is needed to develop solutions that are sustainable within the complexity of regular care. Co-creation between patients, caregivers and other stakeholders is essential.



The project consists of five work packages:

WP1: Project management

WP2: Inventory of effective, evaluated adherence interventions, including conditions for implementation

WP3: Supporting applicants who want to submit an application for a living lab

WP4a: Guiding living labs in the implementation of interventions

WP4b: Evaluation of the effects of these interventions

WP4c: Evaluation of the implementation process

WP5a: Dissemination of the acquired knowledge to other living labs

W5b: Reporting and synthesis

All results are available via the website "The Adherence Formulary".


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