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Calculating a paediatric dose is complex due to a variety of parameters influencing the dose and therefore error prone, ultimately resulting in incorrect dosing, lack of efficacy and/or adverse effects. The development and implementation of a paediatric dosing module will reduce calculations errors and therefore improve efficacy and reduce adverse effects of drug use in children.


In the past years the users of the Dutch Paediatric Formulary have repeatedly requested for a calculator interface, thus the development of a paediatric dosing module would address an important clinical need.



It is our aim to provide a clinical decision tool for calculating a individual paediatric dose, using the comprehensive Dutch paediatric formulary as a reference. Furthermore this project aims at reducing medication errors due to human, erroneous, dose calculation.



A online Paediatric Dosing Module will be developed as a add-on project to the Dutch Paediatric Formulary. The Paediatric Dosing Module will consist of a calculation interface which integrates the dosing recommendations of the Dutch pediatrics Formulary with clinical patient variables, thus resulting in a individual recommended dose. Instead of simply facilitating weight-based calculations familiar to paediatric dosing, we aim to create a broad clinical decision support system that incorporates patient-specific parameters (indication, age/gestational age, weight or BSA, maximum dose, dosing range)

and drug-specific parameters (available strengths, formulations, unit of dosing, titration of dose, rounding of doses).


CE marking assures technical quality and safety of the Module.



In the Netherlands a comprehensive, web-based database for paediatric dosing is already available: the Dutch Paediatric Formulary developed by the NKFK (Nederlands Kenniscentrum voor Farmacotherapie bij Kinderen). The Dutch Paediatric Formulary is consulted over 4000 times/day, adding up to over 1 milllion visits/year and has become the gold standard for paediatric dosing. A decision support system for individualized paediatric dosing can readily be added to this web-based database, which makes this project highly feasible.


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