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Olaparib is a new and promising anti-cancer drug. New anti-cancer drugs, such as olaparib, are often expensive. When these medicines are used to treat a large group of patients, this has a major impact on healthcare costs. It is therefore of great importance to develop strategies to be able to continue the use these medicines in an affordable way.

"Boosting" is such a strategy by which drug costs can be greatly reduced. Boosting has been used successfully in the treatment of HIV patients for 20 years. With boosting, a powerful inhibitor of drug degradation is given to reach the same amount of active expensive drug in the blood with a lower dose.

In the proposed study we will determine how much the olaparib dose can be reduced if it is combined with the "booster" cobicistat. Once the equivalent lower dose has been established the safety of this boosted approach will be checked in a larger non-inferiory study. Additionally patients satisfaction and the effect on health care costs costs will be determined. It will be explored whether patient data and biomarkers are predictive for the exposure and treatment outcome.

Based on the experience gained in this study, the "boosting" strategy can be applied for more anticancer drugs.

The ultimate goal of this study is to make treatment with expensive oral anticancer agents such as olaparib more effective, patient-friendly and cheaper by combining it with a “booster” and thus keeping treatment available for a large group of patients.

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