Currently, the EQ-5D is the most commonly used instrument instruments for measuring health-related quality of life. Nevertheless, users have expressed worries about its crude level structure that restricts its potential to detect small differences in health and to evaluate health of patients with mild conditions. To improve the discriminatory potential of the EQ-5D, a new version of the EQ-5D has been developed which increases the number of answer levels per dimension from 3 to 5. Accordingly, the number of health states is increased from 243 to 3125. This new instrument is known as the EQ-5D-5L.


To make the EQ-5D-5L suitable for use in pharmacoeconomic evaluations, as a subsequent step social values need to be attached to all 3125 health states. The current proposal will provide these Dutch values, using the latest developments in valuation methodology and in accordance with the EuroQol group’s guidelines for EQ-5D-5L valuation studies.

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