2017 Ronde Kennisinfrastructuur (de praktijk van een ‘Synthesis of Evidence'):

The number of patients developing chronic kindey disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease (ESRD) is reaching epidemic proportions, and novel renal replacement therapies are needed to improve their treatment. For this, cell-based therapies are being developed. However, as clinical trials and animal studies have already proved their effectiveness, the risks of using genetically modified cell lines for future clinical use are not well evaluated. In addition, the type of animal model suitable for studying cell-based therapies is unclear. Here, we will systematically review existing knowledge about the safety of administration of modified cells as cell therapy in animal models for kidney diseases, and prepare a manuscript for open access publication. We will evaluate model-specific characteristics such as age, gender, strain, species, weight, number of animals and experimental groups as well as intervention- specific characteristics such as type of injection, dose, duration of treatment, immortalized cell line used and single or multiple injections. With our review, we expect to see which are the most common reported, if any, side effects or long term effects of cell therapy in kidney disease animal models.

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