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Titel: Systematic tailoring for the implementation of guideline recommendations for anxiety and depressive disorders in general practice: perceived usefulness of tailored interventions
Auteur(s): Henny Sinnema, Berend Terluin, Michel Wensing, Daniëlle Volker, Gerdien Franx, Anton van Balkom and Jacomine de Lange
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Titel: Randomised controlled trial of tailored interventions to improve the management of anxiety and depressive disorders in primary care
Auteur(s): Henny Sinnema1*, Gerdien Franx1, Daniëlle Volker1, Cristina Majo1, Berend Terluin2,3, Michel Wensing4 and Anton van Balkom2,5
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Titel: Effectiveness of a tailored implementation programme to improve recognition, diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and depression in general practice: a cluster randomised controlled trial
Auteur(s): Henny Sinnema, Maria Cristina Majo, Daniëlle Volker, Adriaan Hoogendoorn, Berend Terluin, Michel Wensing and Anton van Balkom
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