Questionnaire European Implementation Event 2021

Welcome to the survey on implementing research with impact of the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw, 1.). As part of further developing its knowledge use and implementation policies, ZonMw is currently seeking your views with regard to effective forms of collaboration in the context of participative knowledge infrastructures (2).

Completing this survey will take approximately 12 minutes. Please note that all your answers will be treated confidential: no attribution will be made to specific persons. Your input will be reflected upon as part of the keynote lecture of Professor Jet Bussemaker during the European Implementation Event (27-28 May 2021, 3.).

1. ZonMw coordinates a range of publicly funded grant health programmes. ZonMw is an intermediary organization between research, policy and practice and stimulates the entire innovation cycle, from fundamental research to the implementation of new treatments, preventive interventions and improvements to healthcare structure.
2. With participative knowledge infrastructures we mean forms of collaboration between – for example – researchers, care professionals, educators and/or policy makers. These collaborations are aimed at setting priorities in research, conduct of research and/or translating research findings into practice. Examples could be partnerships, knowledge platforms, (learning) networks, communities of practice, academic workplaces, consortia, testing grounds, living labs, etc.
What element / underlying mechanism (s) of effective forms of collaboration do you consider as most important for developing and implementing a successful participative knowledge infrastructures (examples see above, note 2)? This could, for instance, include building and maintaining trust that enhances synergy in partnerships and which eventually results in collaborative outcome.
[Please note that successful is defined as resulting in actually use of knowledge in practice, policy, education and/or research]
What – if any - would you recommend to those who want to set up a participative knowledge infrastructure (e.g. engaging with the people who are likely to use the research from the very beginning of the project, even before the design stage)? Please list your top 3 recommendations
What can / should the role of a funding agency (such as ZonMw) be in (setting up) a sustainable participative knowledge infrastructure (e.g. provide implementation coaches)? Please list your top 3 roles
General information:
Thank you for your cooperation!
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