ZonMw aims to identify the knowledge gaps around microplastics and health, as input for a knowledge agenda for future research. To gain all the needs and opinions, we need your help. Will you fill in the internet consultation?

In 2019 ZonMw started the first international research program on micro- and nanoplastics, called Microplastics and Health. Since then, fifteen one-year research projects have started. Although these first projects produce promising initial results, many questions remain unanswered. More research is needed.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has commissioned ZonMw to develop a knowledge agenda on microplastics, environment and health. This knowledge agenda will be the foundation for a sequel on the current Microplastics and Health research program.

Internet consultation

For this knowledge agenda, we want to identify the needs and questions from different perspectives. Researchers, policy makers and practice professionals are asked to provide their input through the internet consultation. Do you have relevant input from a policy, research or practice perspective? Please fill in the internet consultation! This is possible until May 24th, 2020.

Participation in the internet consultation

Microplastics and Health program

Little is known on the health risks of microplastics, while the exposure to smaller plastic particles will only increase in the upcoming decades. Trough air, by water and food, microplastics reach our body, which is also shown by the presence of microplastics in human stool. Among others, the Health Council of the Netherlands and the World Health Organisation (WHO) emphasise the need for research on micro- and nanoplastics.

For this reason, ZonMw has started the research program Microplastics and Health. The knowledge agenda will describe how research can fill the knowledge gaps. Knowledge about which microplastics might affect human health is essential for the development of solutions in innovations and policy. For more information about the program and the current fifteen projects, please visit the Microplastics and Health website.

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