October 4th, 2018 the Dutch government will organize the Netherlands’ biggest innovation event, the Innovation Expo 2018, Global challenges, Dutch solutions. It’s all about innovations in the areas of circular economy, energy, water, mobility, the built-up environment, food, health and enabling technologies.

The RDM Onderzeebootloods (former submarine construction hall) and RDM Congress Centre in Rotterdam will be transformed into one large living lab where you can experience state of the art innovations of Dutch origin. These innovations all contribute to the huge global social challenges confronting us.
On this day you will also be inspired by impressive speakers. The uniqueness of this edition of the Innovation Expo lies in the fact that you will actually have the opportunity to meet people from networks you don’t normally get to meet. This “matchmaking” is facilitated by a dedicated network-app and will enable you to improve your cooperation with Dutch parties (businesses, knowledge institutes, governmentals, civil society actors).
The day before and the day after this beautiful event the host city of Rotterdam will organize a number of interesting excursions for all international guests. The excursions will be in the context of the IE2018’s innovation areas. Such as a visit to a circular hub, the transformed port of Rotterdam and innovation in the areas of climate, the built environment and the new economy. Registration opens in May; you will get a notice to that effect.

Please note 4 October 2018 in your agenda.

Kind regards,
Projectteam Innovation Expo 2018

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