The ZonMw More Knowledge with Fewer Animals programme (MKMD) announces the second call for ‘Innovative Systems Toxicology for the replacement of animal testing’, in short InnoSysTox.

The aim of the call is to bring about a mind shift towards human biology in the field of toxicology and computational modelling. Furthermore, it stimulates applications without the use of animal testing. InnoSysTox is an initiative that is jointly organised by the funding organisations ZonMw (Netherlands), BMBF (Germany) and F.R.S.-FNRS (Belgium, Francophone). The call enables scientists to build an effective international collaboration with a clear benefit for human biology and replacing animal tests in the field of toxicology.

Deadline for application is Tuesday July 2th 2019, 23:59h. Applications can only be submitted via the online submission tool.

This joint call is open to public-private consortia formed by research organizations and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s). ZonMw will fund Dutch partners in a consortium consiststing of at least one Dutch public partner and one German and/or one Belgian (FNRS fundable) public partner and at least one SME (Dutch or non-Dutch). A total budget of up to M€ 3.8 is expected to be available for the call. ZonMw will contribute up to M€ 2.0 and will only allocate grants to applicants based in the Netherlands. Joint research projects may apply for a joint project scale with a maximum duration of four years.

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