ICORD is an International Society for all individuals active in rare diseases and/or orphan drugs. The 14th meeting will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The ICORD 2109 Conference will host over 60 world class distinguished speakers with high caliber content, who will be presented at 11 sessions. Soms of the field's best and brightest will be condensing their years of experience into presentations and discussions on the Conference. The 14th meeting is organized by the Ministry of Health of Israel and the ICORD organizing committee. Israel is the land in which ideas, people, history, science, innovation and faith come together to form the vibrant fabric of society. Israel has the highest density in scientific start-ups, medical innovations and scientific initiatives. 

ICORD has being carrying its message, and making dreams into realities, by joining experts from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. It is challenging to build a new reality for those affected by rare diseases. The Israel MOH has developed specific programs to aid people with rare diseases. With pride, we drive advanced programs to create a new horizon. However, the path to meet the needs of all affected by rare diseases is still far from being completed. That’s the main reason for ICORD. Experts in rare diseases from academia, patient’s organizations, industrial developers, and government policy makers and regulators, will attend ICORD to develop a comprehensive and high quality program.

Please register online. Registration form: https://icord2019.org/Registration.aspx

More information ICORD website: https://icord2019.org/  



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