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Appropriate care

A transition to appropriate care has been initiated to render healthcare future-proof. This is a societal challenge that the healthcare sector and society will have to tackle together. Appropriate care is about health instead of illness, offers the right care at the right place, and concerns value- driven care (of good quality, effective and with the efficient deployment of people, funds and materials). It is realised together with the patients and the people around them.

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has had worldwide, serious consequences for public health, society and the economy. A lot of research was, and still is, necessary to develop knowledge about vaccines, care for patients, prevention, long COVID and the consequences of COVID-19. But also, how can we prevent and control possible future pandemics? And which knowledge development and consolidation of strengths are needed to better prepare society for future pandemics?

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Healthy living environment

We define a healthy living environment as a physical environment that makes a healthy lifestyle possible, with exercise, relaxation and a healthy diet. A healthy living environment is accessible, safe, achievable and sustainable. Our living environment can positively contribute to our health by facilitating healthier behaviour and by limiting exposure to health risks.

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