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First joint call for proposals ERA-Net ERASysAPP open now

ZonMw and NWO Earth and Life Sciences (ALW) support this first ERASysAPP joint call for proposals and encourage the Dutch systems biology research community to apply for funding for collaborative research in the European Research Area.

Joint call

Systems biology is a scientific approach to biological processes combining experiments in an iterative cycle with computer models, simulation and theory. The cycle allows databases to be used more effectively and enables predictions to be made concerning the dynamics of living systems based on their molecular and cellular properties.


Systems biology draws on various scientific disciplines, including biology, maths, physics and technical sciences. Thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the field, systems biology can probe deeper into biological processes than might be expected in individual disciplines. In recent decades, revolutionary developments in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology have changed and enhanced our knowledge of biological processes. The mapping of the human genome and other developments have made it clear that knowledge of genetics alone is not enough for an understanding of complex processes in living organisms.The extra knowledge we can gain from systems biology will have a huge social and economic impact in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, opening the door to developments like personalized medicine, multidrug treatments and new drug therapies.

Video’s: development Research Centres for Systems Biology deemed outstanding and dynamic

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