All over the world, research funders focus on improving the way they assess research proposals and stimulate innovation in research. At ZonMw, we focus on four criteria: quality, societal relevance, integrity and efficiency. Through research-on-research, we strive to improve our working methods.

Research waste

In 2014, researchers Chalmers, Ioannidis, Glasziou and others published a series of articles on increasing value and reducing waste in biomedical research. This Lancet-series set out some of the most pressing issues and formed a renewed starting point for many funders worldwide to improve their practices.

Ensuring Value in Research (EViR) Funders' Forum

Together with other funders, ZonMw is collaborating in an internationl forum with the aim of advancing the practices of health related research and research funding, in order to increase the value of health related research. To achieve this, the Forums' work is based on a consensus statement and 10 guiding principles. Several times a year, the Forum comes together to discuss these principles and share best practices.

Network meetings

Occasionaly, ZonMw organises network meetings aimed improving the way research is being done. At these meetings, relevant stakeholders are brougth together to share new ideas and insights. Recent meetings focused on the topics of Open Science and Citizen Science.

Citizen Science

Since 2019 ZonMw has been exploring how to (more and better) stimulate the involvement of citizens in research and development.


Lancet-series Reducing waste

Read the Lancet-series on increasing value, reducing waste.

Visit the Lancet-webpage

EViR Funders' Forum

Visit the website of the EViR Funders' Forum and read more about the consensus statement, Guiding Principles, research-on-research and membership.

Visit the EViR-webpage

Network meeting Citizen Science

Read the report (in Dutch, English summary at the bottom of the page) of the 2019 network meeting on Citizen Science.

Read the digital publication
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