In all programmes and projects we work on strengthening impact. On this page we added a couple of examples for your inspiration.

Experiences of action researchers with collaboration and implementation strategies

Two action researchers of the project ‘Transmurale samenwerking palliatieve zorg in de regio Zuidwest-Nederland’ share their experiences with collaborating with relevant stakeholders. They also go into the importance of using multiple implementation strategies to bring about real change. Read more about their experiences (in Dutch).

Examples of the programme Voor Elkaar: samenwerking als sleutel tot impact (collaboration as key to success)

Two ZonMw'ers, a programme manager and an implementation specialist, emphasise the need of collaborating with relevant stakeholders. If they right people are part of a project, it increases the chance that relevant knowledge is being produced ánd that the knowledge finds it way to users. Read the interview (in Dutch).

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