ZonMw sometimes launches specific implementation programmes or implementation rounds, giving added impetus to knowledge utilisation. Projects that come under these programmes or rounds are specifically focused on the use of new and existing knowledge in practice, policy, education and/or follow-up research. We additionally use specific instruments that help in implementing knowledge, such as improvement programmes, the Dissemination and Implementation Impulse (Dutch: VIMP), knowledge vouchers and knowledge syntheses. On this page, we provide examples of these kinds of programmes and instruments.

Implementation programmes and rounds

ZonMw is increasingly being tasked with setting up its own implementation programmes or collaborating with parties in the field that are in charge of them. Below are two current examples.

Subprogramme Implementation of Effectiveness Study

The implementation programme within the Effectiveness Study programme encouraged the cost-effective introduction of effective interventions in healthcare practice. In 41 of the 73 projects, proven effective interventions were actually implemented. The evaluation calculates a potential saving of more than 50 million euros per year.

Read the evaluation report of the subprogramme (Dutch)

Improvement programmes

With improvement programmes, ZonMw enhances the quality of healthcare. A large number of parties are collaborating in these long-running programmes aimed at using various strategies to put new insights into practice. Improvement programmes such as Sneller Beter (Get Better Faster), Zorg voor Beter (Ensure Better Care) and Beter Voorkomen (Better Prevention) have achieved a lot. This is evidenced by the experiences of ZonMw, individual evaluations and a meta evaluation of 10 improvement programmes. Thanks to the programmes, more knowledge and experience have been gained through successful approaches, investment has been made in human capital and a contribution has been made to creating a healthcare culture that is transparent and focused on improvement.

Read the meta-evaluation of 10 improvement programmes

Dissemination and Implementation Impulse (Dutch: VIMP)

In some programmes we work with an additional grant for implementing the beneficial results of projects. This Dissemination and Implementation Impulse (Dutch: Verspreidings- en Implementatie Impuls, VIMP), as it is known, can be up to €50,000. At the end of a project, at ZonMw’s invitation, project managers can submit a grant application to the programme. Below are two recent examples.

Knowledge vouchers

ZonMw sometimes issues knowledge vouchers to promote upscaling of interventions. With a voucher, an adviser who has experience with a successful intervention can be hired to give advice on local implementation. Below are two recent examples.

  • Visit the grant call Implementation and upscaling coach of the programme Zorg voor Innoveren (Dutch)
  • Visit the webpage of the programma Op een lijn, in which knowledge vouchers were positively received by both applicants and advisers

Knowledge syntheses

With the help of knowledge syntheses, ZonMw connects together insights from different programmes and projects. Together with researchers, practitioners and policymakers, we organise relevant new knowledge and give it meaning in the context in which the knowledge is used. ZonMw has compiled a manual to provide support in making a knowledge synthesis. Below are also a number of examples of this.

  • Read the knowledge synthesis Mental care (Dutch)
  • Download the manual knowledge syntheses (Dutch)

Download the knowledge synthesis of the subprogramme Implementation of Effectiveness Study programme (Dutch)


ZonMw likes to showcase promising projects. Among all the projects funded by ZonMw, there are always a few that make a particular impression. This can be because the results are above average or because the beneficial results are very relevant to current healthcare issues. We assign these projects the status of ‘Parel’ (Pearl) and present them on our website and through our magazine, Mediator.

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