The field of implementation has seen substantial development over the last few years. On this page, we refer to relevant knowledge about implementation, both from the outside world and developed by ZonMw itself.

Implementation models and frameworks

There are many models and frameworks focused on promoting implementation. Below are a number of accessible links where information can be found about implementation models and frameworks and how to use them.

Implementation determinants and strategies

There is a lot of information in the area of determinants and implementation strategies. We have included below a number of links to relevant articles and websites that provide a lot of information on this subject.

Implementation research

There is increasing research being done on implementation. Implementation research is a separate discipline and it requires specific knowledge and experience in this field. For example, it is important in implementation research to include the correct implementation outcomes and to measure these using valid and reliable instruments.

Implementation research is often published in the following three open access journals.

In its own programmes, ZonMw also does research to discover what does and does not work. The documents below contain lessons on implementation.

Implementation plan

If you want to introduce an innovation in healthcare practice, you need solid preparation and a plan-based approach. ZonMw has drawn up a step-by-step plan that provides everything you need to make your own implementation plan. Go through the steps and fill in the tools in order to give your plan a solid foundation.

Make your own implementation plan (Dutch)

Implementation experience and practical examples

With every programme, we learn new lessons about how to make better use of research results in practice and policy. The most important insight from past years is that active and plan-based implementation works.

Download the list with bundled insights and lessons (Dutch)

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