Achieving impact is important for every type of project. For this reason, we ask project managers to work on impact from the start of their project and to describe in their grant application how they are going to approach this. We do this for all the projects that we fund, from fundamental research to implementation projects. The way that impact is created naturally varies according to the type of project. In fundamental research, the main focus will be on transferring research outcomes into a development phase. For implementation-oriented projects, the priority is to translate knowledge into useful products for policy, practice or education, as well as applying these products.

Attention to impact is important in every phase of a project. In the grant application, the progress report and the final project report, we ask for information about impact. For example, we ask about the target groups for which the knowledge and insights from the project are important. We also ask about the products that the project will deliver and the dissemination and implementation activities that project managers are engaging in or will engage in. There is more information about these questions on the pages about demonstrating impact.

ZonMw has drawn up an overview of knowledge products and implementation activities that can be deployed in projects. This is not a definitive overview, but project managers can use it for inspiration. There are some examples of impact elsewhere on the website.

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