ZonMw has a designated implementation team which aids those working in the field to translate research to practice.

Gerdie van Asseldonk

Better connections between research and practice, change management, organisational implementation strategies, quality of care improvement, self-management.

E-mail: asseldonk@zonmw.nl

Pauline Goense

Implementation models, learning organisations, supporting professionals, providing insight into the application of knowledge, implementation networks.

E-mail: goense@zonmw.nl

Jos Zandvliet

Implementation workshop, knowledge agendas, practice-oriented programming, strategic analyses, creativity, common sense, preparation is half the battle.

E-mail: j.zandvliet@zonmw.nl

Fleur Boulogne

Connection research - policy - practice, creating stakeholder commitment, innovative instruments to stimulate implementation, pragmatic and result oriented, spotting opportunities.

E-mail: boulogne@zonmw.nl

Annette Zandvliet

Communication and implementation strategies, education, prevention, public health (specifically mental health, birth care, labour, community nursing).

E-mail: zandvliet@zonmw.nl

Barbara van der Linden

Knowledge use, (international) cooperation, scaling up, useful research, de-implementation, insurers, co-financing, realising and measuring impact, innovation.

E-mail: linden@zonmw.nl

Marie-José van Rooy

Social domain municipalities, preventive/public health, knowledge infrastructure (local and national), (knowledge for) municipalities, knowledge use, mental health, home care, absenteeism, reintegration.

E-mail: rooy@zonmw.nl

Gerard van Leeuwen

Practice-oriented research, connecting research and education, implementation plans, change management, public relations, implementation strategies, youth care, home care, professional organisations.

E-mail: leeuwen@zonmw.nl

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