ZonMw has several quality improvement programs and grants aimed at dissemination and implementation of promising research results. ZonMw also awards so called pearls to inspiring and remarkable projects.

Quality improvement programs

ZonMw has had several large, national programmes aimed at improving quality of care. New insights were implemented in collaboration with many stakeholders. These programmes ran for several years and used a mix of strategies. In the past, ZonMw has coordinated 10 of these programmes. After conclusion we evaluated these programmes to learn about implementation processes (read more here).
ZonMw also runs programmes aimed at implementation within certain themes. An example is the programme on Palliative Care, which spends up to 50% of its budget on dissemination and implementation activities.

Knowledge vouchers

To enable scaling up of interventions, ZonMw hands out so called knowledge vouchers. With these, an expert of a successful intervention can be hired in an advisory role to implement that intervention at a new location. General practitioners (groups) regularly use these vouchers.


A VIMP (Dutch: Verspreidings- en implementatie Impuls, English: Dissemination and Implementation Impulse) is an additional grant, awarded to projects that have obtained promising results. In order to enhance the use of these results, up to €50,000 can be awarded for dissemination and implementation activities.


The ZonMw Pearl is a prize, awarded to ZonMw projects which concern current healthcare issues, have exceptional results and involve cooperation with practice based stakeholders. These projects distinguish themselves through innovative approaches, newsworthiness, and/or remarkable collaborations.

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