About this programme

The goal of the programme “From Knowledge to Action II” is promoting the quality of nursing and care by carrying out research, developing and testing innovations, and implementation and guaranteeing of improvements and innovations in daily practice. In order to strengthen the research infrastructure for scientific research into nursing and care, no separate research projects will be renumerated in this programme, only lines of research. A line of research consists of a number of related projects.

Lines of research

The lines of research must contribute to the maintenance, development and further expansion of the nursing and care research infrastructure. In addition, the research line must contribute to the scientific support of nursing and/or care. A line of research must ultimately yield knowledge which is applicable in practice, and which leads to a better quality of care.

Research infrastructure necessities

The elements mentioned below for the building of a good research infrastructure gives direction to the programme’s ambition. When building a good research infrastructure it is necessary to:

  • strengthen networks of collaboration whereby universities, colleges of higher education, Regional Education Centres (ROC’s), (clinical) practices, centres of knowledge and client organisations participate;
  • introduce coherence into the research by embedding regional, national and international connections; 
  • increase the scientific quality and range of research groups;
  • fulfill the preconditions necessary to carry out scientific research; 
  • make strenuous efforts to promote continuity in the funding of research;
  • extend, over a period of time, the number of research groups which occupy themselves with research into nursing and care.

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