Every person will come into contact with nurses, nurse practitioners and health care assistents throughout their lives. They are the crucial link between prevention, care and welfare. Therefore we invest in the development and implementation of knowledge, and in collaboration by and for nursing professionals.


We support strengthening the body of knowledge by financing projects that develop, test and put knowledge into practice. By financing nursing research, we also want to gain better insight into how nursing and care can be organized in the best way possible. We connect projects so that we generate collective, generic, insights.

Nursing and Care programme

Our Nursing and Care programme is designed to enhance the professionalism of nurses, carers and nursing specialists, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the profession and the quality of care.

Nursing and Care programme

European Nursing Congress 2022

ZonMw was one of the partners of the European Nursing Congress 2022 'Future proof nursing: nurses as key drivers for change'. An online event with local hubs. The event took place from Tuesday October 4th - Friday October 7th.

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Sustainable quality improvement in nursing and caregiving

Model Sustainable quality improvement

Nurses and caregivers together form the largest group of healthcare professionals in the Netherlands. They work in all sectors of healthcare and form an essential link to quality prevention, care and support for citizens, patients and healthcare professionals. ZonMw supports nurses and caregivers by providing the knowledge needed to be able to carry out this pivotal role effectively.

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