Second stage (2009-2012)

Budget: € 16,3 million
Funding: Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports and the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research

The second stage (2009-2012)

In the follow-up phase, the Academic Collaborative Centres programme aims at the structural embedding of the earlier established knowledge infrastructure. Besides the broadening of the scope of the programme is a specific programme objective.

Structural embedding of the knowledge infrastructure

Eventually, every Academic Collaborative Centre must ensure its structural funding in order to guarantee its continuity after the programme ends. The local authority, municipal health service and university should invest:

  • Maintaining and developing the necessary expertise of the Academic Collaborative Centre
  • Use the knowledge and results generated in the Centre

In this way, the Academic Collaborative Centres contribute in creating a sustainable infrastructure for quality, innovation and the dissemination of knowledge.

Broadening the scope

The local authority / municipal health service and university will bring in other partners to broadening the partnership in order to be more effective. These partners should be appropriate to the policy, research and practical priorities. Moreover they should be committed to the overarching public health goals.
The aim is to develop thus a strong local network with ties with primary health care, health care and welfare institutions, schools, and youth care services.

A broadening of the scope is also to take place with regard to the themes covered. In the second stage of the programme, new themes should be encompassed:

  • Public mental health care
  • Crisis management within public health care
  • Linkages between public health care and privately run primary health care
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